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Eagle Dental's commitment to technology sets us apart from many other offices.  When you see what's possible, you'll be amazed! We are excited to bring this level of care with more patient comfort and convenience.

3D Scanning with Cone Beam CT

Three-dimensional imaging is quickly becoming the new standard of care in dentistry.  This imaging provides incredible detail with much lower radiation than a medical CT.  It allows for better diagnosis, better treatment, and better outcomes.  We believe is bringing this level of technology into our practice because we know how great a benefit it is for our patients.  With 3D scanning, we can provide smarter, safer dental care.

CEREC CAD-CAM technology is a game-changer.  Using full-color video scans, we can design, mill, and deliver your all-ceramic crown in 90 minutes.  No second visit.  No temporary.  No messy impressions of your mouth.  CEREC is also used in dental implant treatment, root canal therapy, orthodontics, and more.  This technology has been developed over 30 years and has become incredibly advanced.

The dental implant is the best thing that has happened to dentistry.  It has given patients the ability to replace a missing tooth with a rock-solid replacement that can looks and works like a natural tooth.  It never needs a filling or a root canal because it's made of titanium and high strength ceramic.  Using implants, we can replace one tooth or rebuild an entire smile.

KoR Whitening is a powerful gel to deliver deep whitening.  The secret is KoR's continuous

refridgeration.  This eliminates the need for sensitivity-causing chemicals that have to be added to whitening stored and sold at room temperature.  KoR-Seal Trays are precision fit to block out saliva that deactivates whitening.

A set of clear aligners can be worn to correct teeth that are crowded, spaced, or simply out of place.  Aligners may be a good alternative to traditional braces, depending on how much and what type of correction is needed.  Patients appreciate the cosmetics and convenience of clear aligners.

In the news

Eagle Dental featured in statewide WDA commercial

Dr. Dulde is a former board member for the Wisconsin Dental Association.

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