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Patient reviews

At Eagle Dental, patient care always comes first.  There's no pressure, no selling, no lecturing, and no judgement.  But don't take our word for it--here is what our own patients are saying.  We hope this gives you added confidence when choosing Eagle Dental.

S.S. says:

If you’re researching the web for a new dentist this is the dental office for you.  In my life time I have visited many dental offices….my search is over. From the first visit I was hooked.  Dr Dulde and his “Dream Team” staff are wonderful. Technology is in abundance…I watched my own crowns being made and then set in place in one visit.  If you find that I am enthusiastic about Eagle Dental you are completely right. …. Thanks to the folks at Eagle Dental…. I like going to the dentist now.

T.B. says:

Hey guys, I want to send you a shout out.  I never told anybody about the dentist I formally went to, but made sure that all knew it was not the best fit. Eagle Dental is being bragged out to my family and friends. You're a class act, from your staff being very professional, to having a very comforting neighborhood response when I walk through that door.  So impressed with the technology, and definitely  I know you're almost pain-free.


And now for the pay off:  My tooth looks fantastic! Sort of odd, but I got my smile back :)  Big thanks. You’re doing an awesome job.

R.E. says:

It's hard to find a great dentist. But for you, that search ends today! Dr. Dulde not only does great work (and does it right the FIRST time) but he is also a great communicator and is able to explain things in a way that a regular person can easily understand. In the few years that I've had Dr. Dulde as my dentist, I've also noticed that he's constantly investing in new technology so as the dental industry advances you can feel confident that Dr. Dulde with always be on that cutting edge using equipment and techniques that get the best results for his patients. He also has a super friendly staff! I don't know that anyone LIKES going to the dentist, but his great staff and office environment (with a sofa, comfortable chairs, big screen TV, complimentary coffee, water, etc.) makes the process a whole lot more comfortable. And finally, for someone like me without dental insurance, his prices are fair and affordable. They even offer their own in-house package which covers all the regular preventive stuff plus discounts on any other work. Go see Dr. Dulde, you won't be disappointed!

M.R. says:

Dr Dulde and the entire staff at Eagle Dental were extremely friendly and professional! I chose Eagle Dental because of the location and recommendations from current patients! I was thrilled with the state of the art technology and their ability to complete procedures in one appointment in lieu of several.

M.F. says:

I wanted to find a dentist who provided CEREC crowns and was covered by my dental insurance (Delta Dental PPO). After some research, I discovered Eagle Dental, and I made an appointment to see them. Dr. Dulde called me up in advance to discuss my needs and was so thorough and helpful we agreed to skip a preliminary appointment. When I went to get my new crown, Dr. Dulde did a fantastic job. He took great care to make sure I felt zero pain, and I even got to see the crown being milled right next to my chair. I'm thrilled with not just the crown but the service. It was well worth the drive up from Beloit, and if the office was closer, Dr. Dulde would be my regular dentist for sure.

J.G. says:

I recently became a patient of Eagle Dental and I have to say I'm impressed with the level of professionalism I have experienced there. I was apprehensive because I was having a tooth extraction and did not know what to expect. Dr Dulde was very competent and compassionate. He made me very comfortable and explained the entire procedure both before and during the extraction. He was very concerned about my comfort level during the extraction and I experienced no pain during or after the procedure. I was also impressed with his friendly office staff who made me feel very welcome and were extremely helpful. Considering the care I required it was a pleasant experience!

K.W. says:

I had a few cavities filled with no pain what so ever. Dr. Ryan Dulde and staff was very polite and knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable with them. I am extremely happy with my decision to make Dr. Ryan Dulde and his team my dentist.

M.O. says:

Dr. Dulde and his wonderful staff at Eagle Dental are exactly as described on the website. During extensive procedures, including extractions, bone grafting and implants, I've always felt that I was in extremely competent hands and have never felt anything short of positive and comfortable. My dentist is truly caring, gentle and considerate. His expertise in all of the above areas is top of the line, and there's a lot to be said for having one dentist who can do it all. He has gone far "above and beyond" to achieve my perfect smile. In a word, Dr. Dulde is awesome.

C.D. says:

Excellent care with little to no pain. The staff is professional & friendly. Dr. Dulde does not try to sell me expensive procedures I do not need like some dentists I have been to.  He is very trustworthy.  I trust him with my children and my grandchildren. I highly recommend all aspects of Eagle Dental.

T.F. says:

I just had my first vist at Eagle Dental, and it was a very pleasant experience! The entire staff is professional and very friendly. Dr. Dulde took the time to explain different options to correct my tooth sensitivity, and then proceeded to fix the issue quickly and virtually pain-free. I left the office happy and with no more pain! I highly recommend Eagle Dental.

C.B. says:

I have been going to Dr Dulde for around a year now. He is very caring about his patients and makes sure that you are comfortable and not having any pain when working on your teeth. He makes sure all is right before you leave and always asks if you have any concerns or questions. He's a great dentist. I feel very comfortable going to Dr Dulde. The rest of his staff is great too.

L.B. says:

I hopped around from dentist to dentist for years before my family recommended Eagle Dental, and I've been going here ever since! My past dentists were pushy, but Dr. Dulde is kind and easygoing, and does great work. The entire staff is friendly, and they truly care about the patients. They always remember where I work and to ask about events in my life. I highly recommend Eagle Dental, you definitely won't be "just another number" here!

K.J. says:

I just had my second appointment at Eagle Dental and I have had only great experiences. The staff is very friendly, they are accommodating with scheduling, and my fillings were painless. I have no plans on leaving.

B.M. says:

My entire life I was afraid of going to the dentist. I would go to one of those chain places and the drs. would turn over and I never felt like they cared. First, Dr. Dulde is the most compassionate, caring human being on the planet. He truly, truly cares and that is the most important thing to me. But his credentials are also impeccable and he is so gentle. If you need to feel comfortable this office is the best your going to find. It is worth the short drive, even from MIlwaukee suburbs. I love the peaceful drive to Eagle. I would reccomend him without any reservations whatsoever.

T.A. says:

I have had some bad dental experiences in the past, and Dr. Dulde and his staff never once raised a hair of anxiety for me. Very courteous staff, they are very professional and thorough. Great place!

C.B. says:

My whole family goes here. The doc is friendly, does excellent work, the staff is warm and accommodating, and the prices are more than reasonable.

D.L. says:

For years I stayed clear of the dentist after a horrible root canal. When I got a pain in my mouth that I knew needed attention I called Eagle Dental. I told them of my bad experience and they reassured me they would do what it took to make me comfortable. I received a root canal and a crown on the same day with no pain whatsoever!

I've now started back with regular dentist visits and have lost the fear and anxiety I had about dental procedures.

The whole crew at Eagle Dental is so friendly! I highly recommend them! :-)

J.D. says:

Dr. Dulde is a wonderful dentist. He explains in detail what he is doing and why. Also has a wonderful personality. His entire staff is as friendly as he is and very knowledgeable. I have been recommending him to others and will continue to do so. I look forward to going to the dentist now.

K.P. says:

I recently moved to Eagle, WI and was looking for a nearby dentist. I was so impressed with Eagle Dental.  Dr. Dulde and his staff were great. I was impressed with the 3D technology equipment they have. I had cracked a tooth and needed a crown. I didn't need an impression or a temporary tooth placed. Dr Dulde explained everything he was going to do and used a computer screen to show pictures of my teeth. I felt very comfortable. I was able to watch my permanent tooth being made and I was in and out of the office in less than 2 hours. It was amazing. I never had such an experience before like this at a dentist office. Thank you Eagle Dental.

Anonymous says:

My former dental office in Mukwonago had only one hygienist. This caused long delays to get an appointment, and long waits when you had an appointment (overbooking). Since switching to Eagle dental in July, I haven't encountered either issue. I was able to make an appointment within two weeks of calling. I've had three subsequent appointments for fillings. At each visit, I was seen on my scheduled appointment time. The staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Dulde was able to alleviate tooth pain that I had complained about for two years to my prior dentist. I would gladly recommend this clinic!

L.V. says:

Great place. Restored my faith in dentists. Very friendly and professional.

P.W. says:

Just wanted to say Thank You to Dr.Ryan Dulde!! When I had a "bad" tooth and needed a root canal, Dr. Dulde made room in his schedule and stayed late to treat me!! His personal chair side manner was reassuring to my husband and I!! His staff was polite, informed and professional! Thank you for going that little extra mile for me where others didn't! You have our family for life!!

R.S. says:

1st class establishment with a 1st class staff!

K.H. says:

Dr. Ryan's machine to make crowns in one visit is fantastic!  I found half a tooth toward the front of my mouth after biting into an apple! Dr. Ryan was able to treat the remaining tooth, put a crown over it, leaving me with a better smile and better function--all in about 90 minutes. I didn't need the temporary crown and second visit--Dr. Ryan has done 3 crowns and filled 2 other teeth for me recently.  I am feeling much better not having to plan my menus around what a could safely swallow.  Thank you.

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