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Tooth extraction or tooth removal occurs when significant damage, decay or infection to a tooth has left no option but to safely remove the tooth to preserve the health of surrounding teeth and tissue. As your local dentist in Milwaukee Dr. Dulde believes in delivering gentle and effective tooth extractions only when necessary. If your smile has suffered from areas of significant wear or damage, give us a call at 262-594-2223 to schedule your consultation and learn more about your treatment options. 

Is Tooth Extraction Right For Me?

No one ever expects to lose a tooth, but when a dental filling, crown or root canal therapy is not enough to save an infected or decayed tooth, tooth extraction may be necessary. Before any treatment is ever done, Dr. Dulde and his team will assess your dental health and review your medical background to determine all of your available treatment options. If tooth extraction is necessary it may be used for a number of the following benefits: 

  • Reduces risks for tooth crowding or infection

  • Reduces risks of infection for a compromised immune system

  • May treat or prevent risks of periodontal disease 


After Tooth Extraction

Once a tooth has been removed it is important to refrain from vigorous activities for at least 48 hours and to avoid drinking from a straw until the area has healed. By rinsing the mouth gently with warm water, brushing lightly and flossing around the affected area your smile is allowed to heal gently while reducing risks of infection. You may be recommended to take certain pain medications or to sleep with your head propped up by a couple pillows. If swell4ing is present, apply an icepack to the outside of the cheek. Once the area has healed you may be recommended to have a tooth replacement performed with a dental implant, partial denture or dental crown and bridge. 


What to Expect At Your Appointment 

No patient is the same at Eagle Dental, where every regular and new patient is treated with the utmost care and respect. Should you feel any dental anxiety or worry about your appointment, Dr. Dulde and his supportive team are available to assist you with everything from having a hand to hold during your visit, to offering comforting sedation dentistry. No matter your dental needs, we are committed to encouraging positive memories in our office using the best in patient dental care and comfort. Give us a call to schedule your appointment! 

In the news

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